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Find Jobs in Erbil, or Post Jobs for FREE

A couple of months ago, Erbilia has added a new feature to the website, a job board! After testing, and soft launch, Employers can now post a job in Erbil on the new “Jobs in Erbil” page:

The page is organized into two sections, “Find a Job” and “Post a Job”. Individuals who are looking for Erbil jobs, Duhok jobs, Sulaymaniyah jobs, or jobs in Kurdistan can look to the “Find a Job” page as a great resource. It’s a user-friendly page that lists many sought-after positions. Job seekers can make their searches quickly with filtering by location and/or category dropdowns.

This Erbil careers page is also a valuable resource for Erbil recruitment. Employers can visit the “Post a Job” section to recruit prospective employees to fill their vacant positions. Through this service, employers can add jobs, get CVs and resumes, and have applicants apply directly to the positions. The best part is it is free! Employers are just required to register to add their jobs. The backend admin for employers is organized into four sections: profile, add new job, unregister account, and logout. The profile section allows employers to manage their personal profile as well as the company’s profile. Users can add and update their usernames and passwords here. Users can also enter in details about their company such as company name, city, phone, email, logo, size, and address. This information is very important to prospective employees. It is the company’s first impression to job seekers.

The “Add New Job” section allows employers to add details about their company. This section is also where employers add details about the job. Employers first add a job title. This title should be a catchy title that will get the attention of job seekers. Second, employers select a category for the job. Categories include industries like accounting, architecture & engineering, art & design, etc. Third, employers select the job type from a dropdown menu: full time or part time. Fourth, employers select a salary range. Fifth, employers select a start date. And finally, employers enter in the job details and click “Submit!” The job details are very important to the success of the job posting. The job details should be descriptive of the job duties and should include a description of what makes the company a great place to work. The third section of the admin, “Unregister Account,” allows employers to unregister their account and delete their jobs with one click. Finally, the “Logout” section allows employers to log out of their account.

The new “Jobs in Erbil” page on Erbilia has proven to be a very successful resource for employers. Employers are finding talented employees through the site, and they are finding employees to fill their vacant jobs very quickly. attracts thousands of unique visitors to the site everyday. Employers can capitalize on this traffic to find hard-working employees. The best part is the job board is free and very easy to use. Employers can post their jobs in about five minutes. To post your job on Erbilia now, visit: