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Empire World Erbil

empire world erbil real estate kurdistan business hawler news iraq news Empire World Real Estate Development Project in Erbil The Largest Erbil Real Estate Development Company Read more

Kurdistan Online Directory

Erbilia Sponsors – Kurdistan’s latest Online Directory Erbilia, an online magazine for news and Read more

downtown erbil project erbil construction erbil projects ster group emaar kurdistan iraq hawler

Downtown Erbil

  A New Modern City Center for Erbil – Downtown Erbil It is known that Erbil, Read more

Culture & Arts

غذاء ترفيهي لأطفال كورد

erbil hawler kurdistan ster group kurdish kids children lunch in lebanon eid el adha غذاء ترفيهي لأطفال كورد في لبنان                 Ster Read more
erbil city erbil kurdistan iraq hawler erbil photo contest erbilia hewler

Erbil City Photo Contest

ERBILIA LAUNCHES CONTEST TOP 10 PHOTOS OF ERBIL CITY   Today, Erbilia Online Magazine announced the Read more

TEDx Erbil TEDxUKH Hewler Erbil Hawler Kurdistan Iraq UKHewler

TEDxUKH Restless Curiosity

TEDxUKH brings innovation and new ideas to the Kurdistan table Held at the University of Read more

Food & Drink

Altin Saray Erbil Restaurant & Cafe

altin saray erbil restaurant kurdish food erbil cafe kurdistan hawler arbil shisha altin saray hotel erbil Erbilia Visits Altin Saray Restaurant in Erbil Located inside the four-star Altin Saray Hotel, this Read more
aljurn restaurant erbil kurdistan restaurant erbil food lebanese food erbil

Aljurn Restaurant Erbil

Aljurn Restaurant in Erbil Traditional Home-Style Lebanese Cuisine For all lovers of traditional Lebanese cuisine, Read more

erbil sweets kurdish sweets hawler erbil dessert

Abu Afif Erbil Sweets

  Erbil Oriental Boutique Patisserie Abu Afif Erbil Sweets The Kurds are known for their Read more

Music & Nightlife

Monza Bar & Lounge

monza bar lounge erbil nightlife kurdistan iraq International Ambiance at a Local Bar, Monza in Halwer Monza, or “Empire” as some locals Read more
myriam fares erbil 2014 kurdistan iraq

Myriam Fares Erbil 2014

Dazzling Lebanese Star Concert MYRIAM FARES Erbil Kurdistan Myriam Fares just stunned Erbil. Crowds at Read more

erbil nightlife

The Rising Cheers

Dozens of new bars, nightclubs, posh restaurants with international cuisine, and pubs in Erbil have Read more



Mega Mall Erbil

mega mall arbil mega mall erbil shopping mall kurdistan shopping hawler shops iraq shopping Mega Mall Erbil One of the Most Beautiful Erbil Malls With its exceptional design, Mega Read more
enza home erbil furniture kurdistan iraq hawler design yatas grup yatas group erbil shopping

Quality Erbil Furniture

Erbil Furniture – Enza Home Where Quality Meets Comfort and Style The prestigious Enza Home Read more

levelini erbil furniture erbil kurdistan iraq

Erbil Furniture Solutions

Erbil Quality Furniture – Levelini Interiors   Demand for Erbil residences has seen an exponential Read more

Spa & Fitness

Never Be Sick Again!

iraq cutting out on sugar health benefits erbil kurdistan hawler arbil fitness health The 6 Biggest Health Benefits of Cutting Out Sugar Consuming too much sugar can have Read more

Gym for Women

If you are a woman, Erbil Sport Center has it’s own dedicated area for women. Read more

erbil sports center erbil gym erbil fitness

Fitness Made Fun!

Wanna be slim, Get in the gym! As Erbil continues to grow, the options for Read more


35 Rooms Hotel

35 rooms hotel erbil hotel hotels in erbil kurdistan hotels in kurdistan hawler hotelsiraq The Trendiest Hotel in Erbil The new 35 Rooms Hotel in Erbil is, according to Read more
zagrosjet zagros jet erbil kurdish airlines kurdistan airlines hawler arbil iraq flights

Zagros Jet Kurdistan Airlines

The Reliable Kurdistan Airlines Over the past decade, the autonomous Kurdistan Region has enjoyed an Read more


Khanzad Hotel and Resort

Where Luxury Meets the Beauty of Erbil Hills Located on a beautiful hill about 15 Read more

To Do In Erbil

Jalil Khayat Mosque in Erbil

jalal khayat mosque in erbil kurdistan mosques iraq mosque in iraq mosques Visit the Impressive Jalil Khayat Mosque in Erbil One of the most impressive buildings in Erbil, Read more

Amazing Soran City

  مدينة سوران تبعد “سوران” 95 كلم عـن مدينة أربيل. وهي تعتبر منطقة تجارية ، Read more

Tayrawa Market Erbil Shopping Kurdistan

Unique Bazar Experience

Tayrawa Market – Erbil Erbil is known to be a shopper’s paradise. With its several Read more